Saturday, November 14, 2015

Terror abroad and at home

Last night, while we here in the United States went about whatever it was we were doing, there was a terrible terrorist attack in France.  As I write this afternoon the latest news is that 129 people were killed and 395 were injured.  The attacks were horrible crimes, and the outrage and calls for justice, in France and throughout the world, are entirely justified.

It was an ordinary Friday evening here in Dulce.  I learned of the attacks in France while we were having roller-skating in our church gym.  There were over 30 children skating, playing, laughing and just generally having a good time.  It was the biggest turnout I've seen since we've been here. 

I imagine that in a broad sense, including both the good and the bad, it was an ordinary Friday night throughout America, following an ordinary day.  Meaning that in America it was  a day in which about 3,000 babies lost their lives through abortion.

Over 20 times the number of deaths as in Paris, but not happening simultaneously in one or two locations in one city, but happening  in many places scattered throughout our country.  Not deaths that come through the means used by terrorists, means that nearly everyone would say are illegal and immoral, but through means that in this country are protected by law and considered by many to be morally neutral, simply a matter of choice.  Legal or not, moral or not, those means are just as deadly for the victims in the womb as for the victims in Paris.

Three thousand babies who won’t grow up to roller-skate, to play, or to laugh with other kids.  Three thousand babies who won't grow and learn to read school books and blog posts.  Three thousand babies who won't grow to be adults who can express outrage at the world's injustices, or seek to correct them.  Three thousand babies, every day.

It is right to pray and seek for God to bring peace and justice in the world.  And was we pray for peace and an end to terror abroad, let us also pray for peace and an end to the terror we allow at home.

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  1. What a great post! It is all too easy to shake our collective heads and decry ISIS violence . Not too many people know that one of the reasons these misguided fanatics give for their attacks on westernized nations is our loose morals, the sexual deviancy, the debauchery of Hollywood, the lust for money and fashion...and yes, the slaughter of the pre-born. They say we have no stone to throw. In light of that I say Amen to this post...we must pray to end the terror we allow at home.