Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One work of the Holy Spirit

 Today I read an essay by Malcolm H. Watts titled The Ministry of the Spirit in Glorifying Christ.  It contained this excellent illustration to describe how the Holy Spirit is at work in magnifying Christ’s glory to those who believe:

“It is important to observe that the Spirit’s work is not, in any way, to enhance the Lord’s glory, but simply to throw light upon it, bringing it wonderfully into view.  In this respect, it is akin to what happens in the natural world.  The scenery in some given place may be very beautiful, and the sun, when it comes out, does not intrinsically change or improve it; yet its light does make a difference, transfiguring it by bringing out more fully its delightful loveliness.”

On my way home from work the sun was shining and with this quote in mind even our weathered barn showed its beauty in a different way.  Watts’ words give me food for thought as I ponder the glory of Christ.

Watts essay, and others on the topic of the Holy Spirit, may be found here.

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